James T. Lambert

Author of Relics of War, Steam Opera, Proxies, Aether Powered, and The Tao of Trek


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A broken soldier tries to heal his soul while an ancient weapon threatens to plunge him into more bloodshed.

Kayn Erd hates to kill. His military training taught him to follow orders: kill or be killed. When his friend discovers a long-lost battleship, he wonders who can he trust with such a weapon.

Recovering the ship will bring untold wealth, but Kayn pleads with them to let the past stay buried. He stands torn between privateers pursuing treasure and upholding his vow to never again go to war.

Can they win the desperate race and keep it out of the wrong hands while finding who will wield this ancient power for the good of the galaxy?

Relics of War is a tense Space Opera. If you like conflicted characters, close-run quests for treasure, and the fate of the galaxy in jeopardy you’ll love James T. Lambert’s fast-paced adventure.

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Published: February 16, 2023
Publisher: Bert Books