James T. Lambert

Author of Relics of War, Steam Opera, Proxies, Aether Powered, and The Tao of Trek


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What’s more important than salvaging his relationship? Maybe preventing an interstellar war.

First Jair Howard messes things up with his girlfriend. He thought things were going great until she let him know his decision to not have children was a deal breaker and they should spend some time apart. Then he discovers someone hacking into military computers, and all his evidence gets deleted, now she's the only person he can rely on to help.

With her reluctant assistance Jair concocts a plan to steal some high-powered computers and continue investigating the hack. But the alarms go off and they are both on the run, not knowing who will catch them first: the authorities or the hacker.

Will they escape and figure who is behind the crime, or will humanity be manipulated by unseen forces into an interstellar proxy war?

Proxies is a thought-provoking science fiction novel. If you like rocky relationships, eccentric computers, and malevolent hackers, you’ll love James T. Lambert’s expansive story.

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Published: August 13, 2022
Publisher: Bert Books