James T. Lambert

Author of Relics of War, Steam Opera, Proxies, Aether Powered, and The Tao of Trek


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Is a fabulous inheritance too much to ask? His uncle leaves him a trunk full of weird inventions. How will this junk keep his house from foreclosure?

Joseph Brightson’s life sucks. He lives in the house his parents left him trying to finish his degree while his girlfriend thinks he can pay for everything with his tiny trust fund. An inheritance from an eccentric Uncle raises his hopes at the same time he finds out he owes money for a huge tax increase and might lose his home.

His anticipation dies quickly as he finds the inheritance is a trunk full of gadgets he doesn’t recognize from the late 1800s. The only one that seems to work breaks as soon as he opens the trunk, leaving him to struggle with repairs and sales or let his house slide into foreclosure.

Can Joseph fix it for the mysterious buyers, and will they pay or just resort to theft?

Aether Powered is a modern science fiction novel with steampunk elements. If you like inventions from Tesla, pirates from Seattle, and costumes from thrift store junk, you’ll love James T. Lambert’s exciting adventure.

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Published: January 18, 2022
Publisher: Bert Books