James T. Lambert

Author of Relics of War, Steam Opera, Proxies, Aether Powered, and The Tao of Trek


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Steam Opera E-book cover

Join Patrick on his trip to the moon, in 1894.

Aether Powered

Take one old Steamer Trunk

Add copies of Tesla’s inventions

A smidge of struggling student

And a generous portion of century-old grudge

Mix well

Blend steampunk science, rich villains, cosplaying pirates, a poor orphan, and a gold-digging girlfriend in a science fiction adventure chase between Portland and Seattle. Serve hot. Would even Tesla be able to untangle this mess?

The Tao of Trek

Star Trek changed the world.

The show started with a vision, the concepts of peaceful exploration, a society without much need for money, a post-scarcity world where humanity had improved, grown beyond our selfish impulses. 


The Tao of Trek

Unlike a static philosophy, the Tao of Trek, the philosophy behind the series, books, and movies, at first originated with Roddenberry. Those principles, like the world, have evolved and changed. 

But some parts remain constant. And we want to look to those and see how Trek inspires us to live, to coexist with our fellow humans, and to interact with the world around us. 

We want to explore how Trek has changed the world, how the world has changed it, and how we, as Trekkies should respond. 

Join us, as we boldly go.

Enjoy spooks and scare for Christmas.

Relics of War E-book Cover

Join the quest for a powerful battleship from wars fought thousands of years ago.


Repairman to the Stars!

A Bug in the Network?

A Cast of Thousands!

A Desperate Gamble

Where in the galaxy can they go to prevent humanity from becoming pawns in a high-stakes interstellar conflict? Who can help them fight a hacker holding the network hostage? What could change their views about having children and forming families?